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Chat#One News: 18.04.2004

Activated the NetMail module (personal messages).

Now its possible to leave messages to users not currently present in the chat room.
The messages are kept on the server, and person can read them upon entering the chatroom.

new blanks in /src:
msgr_adc_fromnl.txt - blank for the page put out after adding the nick to the contact list 
                      for the list of the nicks in chat room (small page).
msgr_adc_inlist.txt - Error message: "the nick you're trying to add is already in your contact list."
msgr_adc_noreg.txt  - Error message saying that the nick being added to the contact list is not registered
msgr_adc_ok.txt     - Message saying nick was succefully added to the contact list.
msgr_dlc_nonick.txt - Message signalling an error while removing a nick from contact list,
                      saying that the nick being removed is not found in the contact list.
msgr_dlc_ok.txt     - message signaling successful removal of a nick from contact list.
msgr_hello.txt      - the content of the first page in msgr.
msgr_indx.txt       - A template of all NetMail pages.
msgr_inl_tab.txt    - Blank of an incoming messages Table.
msgr_inl_tr.txt     - Blank of a line in the table of incoming messages.
msgr_nform.txt      - message creation form
msgr_nform_s0.txt   - blank of line in the nick-selector "To" for a blank of new messages.
msgr_nform_t0.txt   - Blank of a line with a filled in "To" field (the field can be filled when follwing 
                      a link from a contact list) for a blank of new messages.
msgr_nform_to.txt   - blank for OPTION (nick list), for a new message blank.
msgr_otl_tab.txt    - blank of the table of outgoing messages.
msgr_otl_tr.txt     - Blank of a line in the table of outgoing messages.
msgr_stl_tab.txt    - blank of the table of sent messages.
msgr_stl_tr.txt     - blank of a line in the table of sent messages.
msgr_vic_tab.txt    - blank of a contact list table.
msgr_vic_tr.txt     - blank of line in the contact list table.
msgr_vmsg.txt       - blank with the text of the incoming message
nf_gme.txt          - the content of the link to NetMail in the list of nicks for MSIE.
nf_gmn.txt          - the content of the link to NetMail in the list of nicks for Netscape.
relinks.txt         - Blank of the quick links panel (including to NetMail)
ui_msgr.txt         - Link to the NetMail in the nick list/

Added the marker showing the reason for a block of the perpetrator, on entry.

Marker <!--MOTIVE-->, is processed in the files: ipbloked.txt, namebloked.txt.
the following markers are also processed: <!--SAVER--> - Nickname of the keeper who blocked access <!--BT--> - Date until which the block is active In the ipbloked.txt, the following marker is processed: <!--LAMER_IP-->. In the namebloked.txt, the following marker is processed: <!--LAMER_NICK-->.

For badref, added the list of allowed referrers.

New variable in config.all:

allowref   - the list of allowed referrers separated by spaces.
             Domain only, no http://, www etc. a domain contained in base_uri
             need not be added, its added automatically.

I n text swaps, swapping text for any text or html code is now allowed


Changed the hunter's working algorithm. Now you can set the degree of likeness of the last messages

New variable in config.all:
hunter_limit - Sets the degree of likeness of the previous message to the current, 
               set in %, if not set, the value 100% is used by default. Possible values
             - numbers without the % sign.


Added ability to specify own fields in the nickname registration profile, in a chat
working in a club mode.

Addition and removal are done in "Manager of own fields in the profile",
The link is present in the webmaster's administration control /admin/. 

For adding a field you need to:

1. add a field in the manager
2. add in the blanks of: clb_form.txt and clb_reg_rv.txt fields of the form
   with the names corresponding to the names of added fields (eng.).
   While doing this, the marker <!--field_name-->,
   which is swapped for the content of the field during filling
   will be processed in the blanks: clb_form.txt
   in clb_reg_rv.txt also, the marker <!--field_name-->
   will be swapped for the content of the form field, plus,
   the marker <!--nameofthefield_FIELD--> will be processed,
   instead of which the name of the field in russian will be set.

For example if we add a field with a name "test", consequently
in the blank clb_form.txt in the form limits we need to add the line:
<input type="text" size="7" name="test" value="<!--test-->">
in the blank clb_reg_rv.txt - add result output:
<!--test_FIELD-->: <!--test-->

New blanks in /src: 
clb_err_field.txt    - Error message: "Error! You did not fill 
                       in the required field "<!--BADFIELD-->"."

clb_err_fieldmax.txt - Error message: "Error! The field "<!--BADFIELD-->"
                       cannot contain more than <!--LIMIT--> symbols."

clb_err_fieldmin.txt - Error message: "Error! The field "<!--BADFIELD-->"
                       cannot contain fewer than  <!--LIMIT--> symbols."


Added ability to block visitors by User Agent. Only nicknames with the status
BUA are able to use such a block. Block removal and viewing of blocked UA is also 
only available to nicknames with BUA status.

Sometimes, for persistent perpetrators, User Agent is different from other
visitors' browser, e.g. contains markers of patch versions or simply is different.
In that case it makes sense to block them according to browser type.
Browser types can be viewed in the chat entry log (Link [Here] in the keeper's administration
Example: User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; T312461; Q312461)
contains data regarding latest patches: Q312461 T312461.
If you block such User Agent, the probability of righteous
visitors being under such a block is rather small.

Also, such a block will be ignored for visitors with VIP status.

New blanks in /src:
adm_bua.txt     - "BUA" section in adm_first.
bua_indx.txt    - Blank of the page with the list of blocked
                  User Agents (browsers)
bua_row.txt     - Blank of a line in the table of blocked 
                  User Agents (browsers)

Added ability to disable block of entry through open anonymous proxy servers
for visitors possessing the status "don't block IP"

to do that, the variable pub_proxy in the global settings has a new value added: vip

Added ability to view list of nicknames in chatroom
without entering

address for the page with the list:

for example : http://test.chatzone.ru/who/view.html

new corresponding blanks in /src:
who_index.txt - blank page for the list of nicknames
who_line.txt  - blank for the line of the table in who_index.txt
who_go.txt    - Blank for URL to which the number of visitors
                in the chatroom is passed.

In case of using a foreign informer-image generator, which
shows the number of visitors in the chatroom, the blank who_go.txt is used
in which one line is used for setting the URL in the parameter of which 
the number of visitors is passed.

For example:
in that address  will be swapped for the number of visitors.

Added command processing:

/noscroll  - turns off autocscrolling of message window
/scroll    - turns on message window autoscrolling

Commands only work during a current chat session. The setting
is not remembered, and at re-entry or message window refresh, autoscrolling is
turned on automatically.

Added ability to limit output of incoming messages from chat visitors
/so  Nickname
/so Nick1 Nick2 Nick 3
Turns on the white list mode (reverse of ignore).
Only messages from specified nicknames will be put out
messages from other users will be ignored
the mode only works during a current chat session,
after re-entry or message window refresh its turned off

Added the referred check module (URL from which a transition to CGI is made)
for entering chatroom, changing settings, and exiting chatroom

new variable in config.all:
badref     - turns on the referrer check for entering the chat, changing settings, and exiting
             can have to following values:
             "" (empty) or "0" - check disabled;
             "1" - deny requests with referred different from base_uri;
             "2" - deny requests with empty referrers

New blanks in /src:
ui_pac.txt      - the link "add/modify" in case if user profile is not filled in
ui_pno.txt      - the message that no photos are present (in UserInfo).


Added the ignore-list option which allows user to view the list
of nicknames he's ignoring

new blanks in /src:
igl_indx.txt    - Blank of the page for showing the list of ignored nicknames, the following markers
are processed in it

                  <!--TR-->      - swapped for a line of the table
                  <!--TXTSIZE--> - font size
                  <!--BGCOLOR--> - background colour
                  <!--NCOLOR-->  - nickname colour
                  <!--FCOLOR-->  - text colour
                  <!--NICK-->    - user's nickname
igl_tr.txt      - the line of the table with ignored nicknames with a nick.
                     the following markers are processed in it:

                  <!--NICK-->    - Nicknames being ignored
igl_ntr.txt     - the line of the table with ignored nicknames, with the message that
the list is empty


Added new blanks in /src, which allow to set up a block warning,
with the ASC on. (automatic swearing control)
bad_word.txt    - Blank of a warning in the upper frame, informing that a banned word is found
                  in the message and the nickname can be blocked (works with the ASC on)

bad_word_ra.txt - Block warning message
bad_word_rb.txt - message of a block for a time specified by ASC


Added ability to change the format of the message output, for the
commande /me.

New blank in /src:
me.txt - Blank for the output of the /me command result.


Added ability to view list of nicks of users born 
yesterday, today and tomorrow

to see who was born today - type:




added new blanks
birth.txt    - blank for output of the list of nicks born on a selected date              
birth_no.txt - blank with the message that no one was born on that day            
birth_tr.txt - line of the table with the list of nicks

in the blanks birth.txt and birth_no.txt the following changes are made:
<!--DAY-->  - Day
<!--MON-->  - Month
<!--YEAR--> - Year

in the blank birth.txt a change is made:
<!--TB-->  - line of the nick table

in the blank birth_tr.txt a change is made:
<!--NICK--> - nickname.

All the data regarding birthdates is taken from UserInfo
and its accuracy depends on the data supplied by users


Now when changing nick, its possible value is checked, if the value to be set
does not satisfy requirements, the colour is changed to "red"
List of possible values:

If colour is set in RGB, it must be preceded by "#", and followed by
6 symbols

For example:"#00AAFF".


Added the ability to change the format of the output of the swap of the text
*tag for the image call code 
New files in /src:

smile.txt - Blank for the html code of image output during graphical swaps.


Changed the method of changing nickname colour 
now while changing the colour, in the MSIE browser version 5 and up, and Opera
versions above 6, the list of those present is not re-rendered, only the 
nick colour changes.

changes in the flies:

-------- Color.Patch --------------------------------------->
@@ -159,7 +159,24 @@
 //  Change Color
     if (sttemp[0] == "c")
-    action = "yes";
+  // rewrite nlist >
+     if (document.getElementById)
+     {
+      if (top.vw.document.getElementById(sttemp[1]))
+      {
+       obj = top.vw.document.getElementById(sttemp[1]).style;
+       obj.color = sttemp[2];
+      }
+       else
+      {
+       action = "yes";
+      }
+     }
+      else
+     {
+      action = "yes";
+     }
+  // rewrite nlist <

      tmpvm = vmas.split("%");

@@ -318,6 +335,8 @@
     lstl = rRez;
+    lstl = rRez;
+    rePlace(lstl,"<!--OID-->",tmpms[0]);
     lstl = rRez;
     lsttr = lsttr + lstl;
-------- Color.Patch ---------------------------------------<

The nick output mark <!--NICKNAME-->, only on the area of nick output in the list is enclosed in tags:

<SPAN ID="<!--OID-->"><!--NICKNAME--></SPAN>

all the necessary changes to the chats have been made.


Changed the order of output of the result of nick colour change 
now instead of refreshing the message window, a redirect to the banner window
takes place (frame name top0)


The format of a conclusion of time of event is corrected.
For example before at an entrance before a name of the robot was  "!".
now is correctly putЕ time of event 

The format of replacement of date, in the blank of the message about an entrance is corrected.
Before five seconds were written so:"5",
Now it looks so: "05"


The jswalker.html is  updated and processing of a new mars in
file nlist.txt.  is added. A mark:  <!--NC-->. In the nick-list  jswalker
replaces it  with number of the users in chatroom.


New variable in config.all:

nodual_rn - To forbid  or not to enter in chatroom  second registered
            nick, if it already is in.
            Values: yes - to forbid.
            Any another (possible "no") means, that is possible.


In /admin/ - > " Change of files - templates "
The opportunity is added to replace the blanks with initial ( wich was at creation of chat).


The new variable in config.all: chimg.
Adjusts replacements *word on picture, or /word on textual replacement.


public - the Replacement is accessible to all.
status - the Replacement is accessible only to those nicks, which have the status "IMG".

New the status: IMG.
Allows execution of textual-graphic replacements.
The status is established both SUPER and keepers.


The command /me is added.
Allows to give out a phrase from system.

For example phrase from nick Alex:
/me Falls asleep

At a conclusion to the screen the message of system will turn:
system: Alex: *  falls asleep  *

The command is included in config.all
Variable: me


public - the Command is accessible to all.
status - the Command is accessible only to those nicks, which have the status "ME".

The new status: ME.
Allows to use command /me.
The status is established both SUPER and keepers.


The mechanism of blocking of the infringers is changed.
Now at block is disconnected channelof  blocked user, and at
the block on IP to the address, keeper has  the list of the nicks
falling under the block.


The status "AC" Anket Control is added.
Allows to delete from UserInfo of the questionnaire together with pictures.

In adm_first.txt a mark for the form of the status:  <--FOR_AC-->.

In /src the new blank:

adm_ac.txt - blank for section of the status "AC". (Removal of the questionnaire).


In adm_blok.txt mark now is processed: <!--MOTIVE-->.
  Mars is replaced with the reason of the block.


At blocking the infringer it is possible to specify
the reason of blocking.
Accordingly in a file adm_saver.txt the line was added:
The reason :<input type="text" size="20" name="motive">.
It is possible to replace it for example with the selector with the list 
of reasons.

In /src the new forms:

con_adm.txt     - Blank for the block-list which is given out to SUPER
                  (With a field of removal of the block).
con_adm_row.txt - Line of the table inserted in con_adm.txt
con_sav.txt     - Blank for the block of a sheet which is given out to the keeper.
con_sav_row.txt - Line of the table inserted in con_sav.txt


Added processing of additional marks in a file /src/exit.txt:



New blanks in /src

offman_ok.txt  - Message for OffMan about successful addition nick in list, for
                 removals of registration.
unreg_wait.txt - Blank  for a conclusion of the list,  expecting removal of registration.
unreg_w_no.txt - Line of the table in a file unreg_wait.txt (label :<--MSG-->),
                 Informing about that there is no nicks, an expecting removal of registration.
unreg_w_t.txt  - Line of the table in a file unreg_wait.txt (label: <--MSG-->)
                 with nick, expecting registration.


Added statuses of Watcher and OffMan.

Status Watcher allows to look the registration information about nicks.

 Mark for the status in file: /src/adm_first.txt: 
 Blank which replace the mark: /src/adm_watch.txt
 The blank for the given out information about registered nick: /src/reg_info.txt

The status OffMan allows to remove registration from registered nicks

 Mark for the status in file: /src/adm_first.txt: 
 Blank which replace the mark: /src/adm_offman.txt

New blank in /src:

bad_pass.txt   - Message about wrong password at an entrance in chatroom.


From now you can see the list all nicks with the status. But the right for that only at "Keepers".

In this connection the new blanks in /src for pages, generated by the server, with the lists:

ls_us.txt        - Deduces the list of the statuses, for a choice from the list nicks, having the statuses.
ls_us_t.txt      - Line for each of the statuses.
ls_us_u.txt      - Form for the list of nicks with status.
ls_vsl_pa.txt    - Line of the table with nick for the manager.
ls_vsl_pna.txt   - Line of the table with nick for others.
o_sts_ch.txt     - Message for the manager about successful removal of the status .

<Explanation about formation admin-panel in chat (/bin/adm.cgi?name=SUPER).

It is formed on the basis of a file /src/adm_first.txt.
In it until recently was just a few section::

 - For the Keeper (Blocking of nicks ,setting and removal of the statuses,
   Statistics on entrances and IP- addresses.)

 - For the Manager "SUPER" (Addition / removal of the keepers)
   The mark  instead of which is inserted section: <!--FOR_SUPER-->.

 - For the Registrar (Registration of nicks in Club-mode).
   The mark instead of which is inserted section:<!--FOR_REGISTRAR-->.

The section of 'Keeper' was wholly in a file adm_first.txt.
The section of 'Manager' is generated in passing.
The section of 'Registrar' is generated on the basis of the form: for_regr.txt.

Now section for 'Keeper' is allocated in a separate file: adm_saver.txt.
The mark instead of which is inserted section: <!--FOR_SAVER-->.
So it is recommended to change files adm_first.txt and adm_saver.txt
according to design. In adm_saver.txt to place section of 'Keeper',
And in adm_first.txt to put a label  <!--FOR_SAVER-->.

It made for possible to remove or to not remove section in
dependences on presence of the appropriate status on nick.
For example now in  club-mode " the Registrar " not to be obliged be the "Keeper ".


For chats working in a club-mode is added
fillings of the application for registration of nick  by the new visitors.
After filling, questionnaire goes for check to the "Registrar", and only after check nick is registered,
Or the application rejects.

The link to the questionnaire: 

New files for club-mode in /src:

clb_err_again.txt    - Message about a mistake: "You didn't fill the form <repeat the pass>"
clb_err_anick.txt    - Message about a mistake: "This nick is already registered"
clb_err_comment.txt  - Message about a mistake: "You didn't fill the form <Comments>"
clb_err_email.txt    - Message about a mistake: "You didn't fill the form <E-Mail>"
clb_err_fullname.txt - Message about a mistake: "You didn't fill the form <Name>"
clb_err_iemail.txt   - Message about a mistake: "incorrect e-mail"
clb_err_inick.txt    - Message about a mistake: "You didn't fill the form <Nick>"
clb_err_ipass.txt    - Message about a mistake: "Wrong pass"
clb_err_lnick.txt    - Message about a mistake: "Nick is longer then allowed"
clb_err_nick.txt     - Message about a mistake: "Nick consist forbidden simbols"
clb_err_noclub.txt   - Message about a mistake: "This chat is working in club-mode"
clb_err_pass.txt     - Message about a mistake: "мЕ ГЮОНКМЕМН ОНКЕ <Password>"
clb_err_rnick.txt    - Message about a mistake: "This nick awaiting of registration"
clb_err_s_nid.txt    - Message about a mistake: "ID not found!" 

clb_err_s_nn.txt     - Message about a mistake: "Nick,appropriate
                       To yours ID is not present in base."
clb_err_s_wid.txt    - Message about a mistake: "ID consist incorrect simbols"
clb_form.txt         - Form for registration in a club-mode (/club/form.html)
clb_frm_rsp.txt      - Message for the form of registration.
clb_index.txt        - Root form for all messages  in a club-mode.
                       There <!--RSP--> is replaced with the message,
                       And <!--FORMA-->;  with the questionnaire form.
clb_reg_ok.txt       - confirmation for "registrar" about successful registration of nick.
clb_reg_rf.txt       - confirmation for "registrar" about refusal  in registration.
clb_reg_rv.txt       - Form of viewing of the new questionnaire for "registrar"
clb_reg_s_nok.txt    - the Message for nick that in registration  refused.
clb_reg_s_ok.txt     - Message for nick  that nick is successfully registered.
clb_reg_s_w.txt      - Message for nick that nick has not passed  check yet.
clb_snt_ok.txt       - confirmation for nick about  that his application for registration
                       Is accepted, and the distribution URL'Ю on which is possible to look
                       Result of registration.


The mechanism of registration of the Keepers is changed.
Now it is enough to establish the appropriate status for nick and
he will receive all rights of the Keeper.

The opportunity to make textual replacements is added.
Up to this moment it was possible to make only replacement
*word On picture. Now it is possible to replace "/word" with any
text. For example if to make replacement [hi] on [Hi to all!],
then the text "/hi" will be replaced on " Hi to all! ".
The textual replacements begin with a symbol "/",
and graphic from an asterisk "*".

The module "Hunter" is added.

It filter the repeated messages, multiple inputs and outputs.
How to switch on:
to add variable in config.all:
hunter 	 yes

Other values variable hunter are ignored.
To switch it off  it is enough instead of yes  write "no",
or  leave empty.

Fixed format of time. For example  9 hours 8 minutes 2 seconds
Looked as: [9:8:2], now it looks as: [09:08:02].


The module "AutoKill"  included by addition variable:
"akm" in config.all.
 Value of : " Number of attempts to swear :Time of the block ".
For example:
akm 	 3:900
That means, that after three attempts to swear  the user
will be automatically blocked for 900 seconds.


The an opportunity to switch chat in a mode "Private club" is added.
In this mode in only registered users can enter.
The users register by "Registrars".
Registrar - it is any user who has this status.
The status is established by the manager.
The switching in a mode of club is realized out by addition
In config.all variable "club", value "yes".

New files in /src

type_close.txt - Blank of the message which is given out of subjects, who is not registered.
                 (only in a club-mode.)

for_regr.txt   - Blank with the form for registration of nicks. 
                 Only for users with the status "Registrar".


New a file in /src

sts_c.txt  - Blank for filling a cell of the table in  window with change of the status.
sts_v.txt  - Blank for window with change of the status.
sts_ch.txt - Message about successful change of the status.


The opportunity to establish statuses for
 registered nicks is added.

 At present there is a status = "do not block on IP "
 The status is necessary  that the honour users could quietly
 to be in chat even from the blocked addresses.


The restriction of time of silence in chat = ("a Limit of silence") is added.
 In a case  the user keeps silent longer, then given limit allows,
 he will receive 1 warning, if even N-minutes, will keep silent
 Will receive second. And if will continue to be silent, a conclusion
 of the messages in chat will be stopped.

New variable in config_all:

LastSay - Sets limits:
             X:Y:Z, for example 40:5:5.
             Where, X - How many minutes are possible to be silent up to 1-st
                  Y - through how many of minutes after first
                      warning to give out second;
                  Z - through how many of minutes after second
                      warning to stop a conclusion of the messages;

 If LastSay in config.all is not given, limits
 are set by default: 40:5:5.

New a file in /src

lsay_alert_1.txt - First message about excess " Limit of silence ".
lsay_alert_2.txt - Second message about excess " Limit of silence ".
lsay_alert_3.txt - Third message about excess "Limit of silence " and
                   the termination of a conclusion of the messages.


The opportunity to block entrance through Anonymous public proxy is added.

New variable in config_all: 

pub_proxy   - Includes the block. Accepts value "blok" for
              blocking, or empty for deactivation.

New file in /src

pxbloked.txt - Informs user  that his attempt to send
               search through forbidden proxy is blocked.

Broad gully of blocking: /logs/pxbloked.log


Auto generation of the pictures list (smileys) is added .
The link: http://YourChat/smilelist/.

The pages with the lists are automatically generated.

New variable in config.all:

SmilesVq - Sets number of smiles per page.
             If not is given, equal 10.
             Can not exceed 20. If It is more 20,also
            accepted equal 10.

New files in /src:

sm_index.txt  - Blank for an element of an index in the list.
sm_indexc.txt - Blank for an element of an index in the list.
                (In case number of page is equal
sm_tab.txt    - Blank for a line of the table.
sm_body.txt   - Blank for all pages /smilelist/


The opportunity  to set maximal long of nick is added.

New variable in config.all:

MaxName   - Sets a maximum quantity of symbols in nick.
            Accepts numerical values.
            If the value is not given, equal 15.


The opportunity to limit number of entrances in chat from
the same IP for the given interval of time is added. 

New variable in config.all:

last_enter - Sets, through how many of seconds user can
             repeat to try enter the chat from one IP address. 
             Can be number, or can be empty.
             In case it is  zero, or is empty, 
             the filter is switched - off.
             For example, if the number 30 is specified,that  means the user
             can enter chat once again (after the previous entrance)
             only in 30 seconds.

New file in /src:

last_enter.txt - Message about mistake informing that the user
                 enters in chat too frequently.


An opportunity to limit number of the large letters in the message is added:

New variable in config.all:

casemsg    - Terminator of the large letters in the message.
             If the large letters are more than small, they
             will be converted in small.
             Values variable:
             If empty - the filter is switched off;
              Numerical value (for example 30), defines number of the letters in
               the message at which the filter is on. If value not
               numerical  by default defined 25.

Новый файл в /src:

case_msg.txt   - Message from system that in the message big
                 letters is more than the small.


The format of a conclusion of the message about a mistake is changed.
 Now user  which phrase will be longer, then restriction, will receive from
Systems private message that his phrase is reduced.
The same will take place, if the word in the message will be longer than limited.

Accordingly in /src a new file:

len_word.txt   - Message from system about excess of a long- limit  of a word.

In a file len_sub.txt now there is a notice from system about excess
long-limit of the message


Added an opportunity to limit the long of each word.

In /config/config.all accordingly new global variable:

lenword        - Max. long words in symbols.
                 If absent in config.all,  is not limited.
                 In case of excess a word cut up to maximal
                 long, and the mark " [len > maximal are long] " is added.

The module "User Info" also  included.
It allows the users to fill in the questionnaire, and upload to the server
Some pictures. (Weight of a photo should not exceed 40 kilobytes!)

Accordingly in /src new files:

ui_bp.txt      - Message about an incorrect key.
ui_br.txt      - Message about not registered nick.
ui_bu.txt      - Message that nick never enter the chat.
ui_cs.txt      - Message about successful preservation of the given questionnaire.
ui_csaf.txt    - Message about successful installation of a picture by first
                 for show.
ui_cv.txt      - Conclusion of the form for filling the questionnaire.
ui_if.txt      - Form for all files in /index.forms (except for index.html)
ui_pd.txt      - Message about successful removal(distance) of a picture.
ui_pis.txt     - Message about successful change of the signature under a picture.
ui_pv.txt      - Form of the form for work with photos (addition,
                 removal, change of the signature...)
ui_pvt.txt     - the form on the basis of is generated the list
                 of pictures in the form ui_pv
ui_up.txt      - Message about successful addition of a new picture.
ui_upif.txt    - Conclusion of a mistake: " the Forbidden type of a file ".
ui_upii.txt    - Conclusion of a mistake: " There is no identifier of a photo ".
ui_upis.txt    - Conclusion of a mistake: " the Forbidden size of a file ".
ui_v.txt       - Information about nick + picture and link on following.
ui_vnr.txt     - Conclusion of a mistake: " Unfortunately  there are no data for nick  ".
nf_guie.txt    - Blank for the link (?) On User Info from the nicklist
                 for Internet Explorer'a
nf_guin.txt    - Blank for the link (?) On User Info from the nicklist
                 for Netscape Navigator'a and other browsers.
ui_iffnf.txt   - Conclusion of a mistake in Index. Forms: " the Required file is absent ".
ui_ifiqs.txt   - Conclusion of a mistake in Index. Forms: " In a name of a required file
                 There are forbidden symbols ".


Made an opportunity: restrictions of number of pictures (smiles) in one phrase.
Additional variable in /config/config.all: "max_img_limit".
Accepts numerical values. If variable is not given,
The maximal number  is equal 100.


Practically all chats are transferred on mode of operations of the nicklist  on
Java Script'e. The plusses are, high link speed of nick from the list in a field
Input, instant display of changes in it. Reduction of traffic for the account
Absence of necessity reread the list wholly.

A dded opportunity to highlight message which are sent to all, and in
Which there is your nick. Variable "fmcolor".

The option is  in adjustments and calls: " Allocation of the messages for you by colour: ".

Accordingly in /src a new file:

fmc_msg.txt    - the Form for allocation of the messages in which meets nick of
                 the owner of a window.


At nick registration  the check for presence it in chat  is added.
If somebody will register any nick which is in chat
under  another nick, will appear  the message that
such nick in chat is already used.


At blocking the infringer now it is possible to show the date
up to which the block is put.
In a file adm_blok.txt now following marks are processed:

<!--DAY-->   - Day
<!--MON-->   - Month
<!--YEAR-->  - Year 
<!--HOUR-->  - Hours
<!--MIN-->   - Minutes
<!--SEC-->   - Seconds


The opportunity is made: the restrictions of long of the messages.
Additional variable in /config/config.all: "len".
Accepts values "0", " ", or actually the long of the message in symbols.
If "0" or "anything", the long is unlimited.

New file in /src:

len_sub.txt    - The message at the end of each message, which long 
                 exceeds allowed.


The mechanism of filtering of swear-words is changed.

 At check of words from a file "mat" now also
 their uniqueness is checked.
 Up to this moment at meeting a repeated word
 the check came to an end, and part of words did not pass check.

 Advice: do not repeat  in file "mat" the same words please.
 At check all words are translated in the bottom register.
 There no sense to write words both in large and in the small register, you will only slow  down speed
 Input of the messages.

In statistics of visitings the conclusion of an average of the visitors is included
 For one day. On the diagram it blue  line and dark blue signature Av: number.

In /config/config.all new global variable:
 vlink         - Accepts values "yes" or "no".
                 In case yes, all links in a body of the message
                 Are highlighted.


In /src new files:

tpm_msg.txt    - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from the owner of a window to someone
                 in private message, with the indication of time.         
tpo_msg.txt    - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from someone to the owner of a window 
                 in private message, with the indication of time.
tao_msg.txt    - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from someone to all,
                 with the indication of time.
tam_msg.txt    - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from the owner of a window
                 to all, with the indication of time.
am_msg.txt     - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from the owner of a window to all.
ao_msg.txt     - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from someone to all.
pm_msg.txt     - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from someone
                 To the owner of a window,  in private message.
po_msg.txt     - Form of a format of a conclusion of the message from the owner
                 Windows to someone,  in private message.


In /src a new file:
 mat_msg.txt 	 - Message of system that the users phrase
 consist swearing.


Self-acting unblock is now work .
 All blocked on 5 minutes and other intervals users,
 in case of ending block-time can enter in chat free.

In a file /src/ipbloked.txt the new mark is processed <!--SAVER-->,
 It is replaced by nick of the Keeper which has blocked the user.
 The period of blocking "eternal" is replaced on  "1 Year ".


The opportunity of installation of time of the block is added to block-list.


In webmaster adminpanel  has appeared  the form for removal
 registration of a nick.

The broad gully of removal of registration is:


In a file hello.txt the following marks now are fulfilled:

  <!--YEAR--> Year
  <!--MON-->  Month
  <!--DAY-->  Day
  <!--HOUR--> Hours
  <!--MIN-->  Minutes
  <!--SEC-->  Seconds


In /src a new file:
unignor.txt - line for a conclusion ignored nicks in the list.


In adminpanel at blocking IP now all entered
IP are checked for incorrect symbols.


New file in /src:
  mat_name.txt  - This message appear if the nick consist any bad words.

So, from now on, bad words filter not only in messages but in nick-names.


Now all files of adjustments *.txt in the catalogue /src can be edited
through the WWW-form. 

 For every chat the address is:

 For example for chat demo.chatzme.com it will be the address:

 There is the link in adminpanel.


The WWW interface Is created for change of a image file: image.cfg.

 For every chat the address is:
  http://address_of_the_chat.com/admin/bin/imageedit/view. html

 For example for chat demo.chatzme.com it will be the address:

For the managers  the page "webmasters administration" is created
With the links to necessary elements of management.

 For every chat the address is:

 For example for chat demo.chatzme.com it will be the address:


In /src a new file:
 adm_blok.txt   - the format of the message about blocking the Is set.


The editing of a file of adjustments config.all now is accessible on WWW.
(The access is open under the password fornick "SUPER".)

For every chat  the address is:
 http://address_of_the_chat.com/admin/bin/configall/view. html

For example for chat demo.chatzme.com the address will be:
 http://demo.chatzme.com/admin/bin/configal l/view.html

Accordingly new file in /config
 .spass-File with the passwords of manager (SUPER)


В статистике по числу посетителей появилась возможность увеличения
картинки (Zoom).

 Ссылка такая:
 Например для чата al-kabar с увеличением в 2 раза адрес такой:


Has removed an autogreeting.

Statistics on number of users in chat  during day,
the link is:
 For example for chat demo the address is:


In adminpanel the function "unblock",now is accessible only to manager,nick


In adminpanel, in blocklist date of blocking ip now is deduced.

New files in /src:
 nickbusy.txt   - the Conclusion of the message that nick is already used in chat.
 err_name.txt   - Message about mistake, occurs in case of use in
                  nick any  forbidden symbols.
 err_nklen.txt  - the Message about a mistake, occurs if  long of the nick exceeds
                  15 symbols.
 ipbloked.txt   - This message occurs, if ip-address  is blocked.




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