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Standard current conditions of accommodation of chat on the server Chat#Me :

Attention! Are not accepted to accommodation any chats breaking somebodys rights or causing sharply negative reaction of public opinion. Nor are accepted chats, advertising Itself with any kind of spam.

For the citizens of the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France. Accommodation of chats on the server Chat#Me the first 3 months is free-of-charge.

The further accommodation is 50 $ per month. Any chat supports only 1 language, which is marked at registration. A possible choice: English, German or French.

You can see the example of chat at: http://demo.chatzme.com

the Service of chats is given " As is " and is used by you at own risk. The administration of service or its owner does not carry the responsibility for any straight linees or indirect losses, caused to you during use or impossibility to use this service. Administration also reserves the right to refuse in registration without explanation of the reason.

What you have to do for registration:

To think up the login (name) for chat (LOGIN [it may content the english letters and figures]) so, address of your chat will be LOGIN.chatzme.com

Write the application for registration to the address .

The application should contain:
  1. The Name of the person, who is registering chat.
  2. Login for chat.
  3. Agreement with conditions of accommodation.
  4. How you have found out about service Chat#Me (advertising, search, friends, colleague, just surfing net).

After that you will receive the answer from automatic system with the registration data and all necessary information about chat. The time of the answer depends on congestion of the registrar, but usually not exceeds 1-2 days)

Attention! The applications for registration chat from the people without a name not Are considered.

On the applications adequate:
  • Absence in the application: a name of the person recording chat
  • Absence in the application: Login for chat
  • Absence in the application: the consent with conditions of registration.
the administration Chat#Me does not respond.




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