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Abilities of the chat:

For a user:

  • To change elements of design:
    • Colour (taken from the list or one's own in RGB):
      • Colour of text's messages.
      • Colour of background.
      • Colour of private messages.
      • Mark by a colour messages that have a nick of a user.
      • Change of a nick's colour (can see all the users)
    • On/Off time's show near each message.
    • Change of a font's size.
  • To send private messages.
  • To ignore messages of other users. (Black list)
  • To watch a list of ignored nicks.
  • To receive messages only from visitors that are in a list of permitted (White list)
  • To fill in a personal form, about oneself with a photo, to look through personal forms of other users.
  • To change login's password.
  • To use in the chat changes like *a word to an image (in a different part of text)
  • To use text changes like /a word to a certain phrase.
  • To use a change like /me a phrase, to send a message from a system about one's nick in 3rd person singular. (e.g. a message from "oleg" nick /me thinks, will be substituted to: system: *Oleg thinks*)
  • To register a nick with one's own password.
For administration:

Webmaster's level:
  • Change of global adjusts.
  • Change of changes like *a word or /a word.
  • Change of a list of filtered words (uncensored speech)
  • Add/remove personal form's fields for a club mode.
  • Change forms for dynamic send out by the server pages, change design of the chat.
Chief moderator's level:
  • Setting/Setting off a status:
    • Registrator - Can register nicks (If chat works in a club mode)
    • Keeper(Moderator) - Has a right to block hooligans.
    • Watcher - Can watch a registation info of registered nicks.
    • OffMan - Has a right to set off a registration from regisetered nicks.
    • AC (Anket Control) - Has a right to remove from UserInfo personal forms with photos.
    • UAM (User Agent Master) - Can block visitors according the browser's type.
  • Watching a private messages with ability to block a message receiving from a "hooligan" effectively.
Saver's level:
  • Setting/Setting off a status:
    • VIP - Can't be blocked according to IP address, don't block enters from public anonymous proxy-servers in a VIP mode.
    • ME - Can use a command "/me a prase". (Only, if in config.all me=status)
    • IMG - Can use changes *a word to an image. (Only, if in config.all chimg=status)
  • Ability to block visitors according to their nicks ( Cookies) and IP address. (Sets also a period of a block. Also gives a reason of a block)
  • Ability to watch in a log of enters IP address of a visitor, date of enter, to find all nicks, that have been entered from this IP, to find all IP of the nick's enters.
Technological abilities of the chat:
  • Keeping of a connection with a user, not a "refresh". That makes possible not to duplicate many times the same information.
  • The chat supports an ability of compressing of a flow by gzip, that makes possible to economize amount of information given to each visitor, and it reflects on a speed of working of the chat and also saves user's traffic.

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