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Index of Contents:
1. The description of purpose of files 
2. Facility of adjustments in chat.
3. Updatings.
4. Features of work of filters (mat).
5. Structure of management
6. Known errors and their solution
7. The explanation about formation administration zone in chat
8. Change of the password for webmaster to access in /admin / 

1) Description of purpose of files:

/config catalogue.
.passwd    - all users passwords
adot5      - list of funny stories
config.all - This one is the MOST important. variable from value separate by
             \t i.e. by tab.
( config.all contens:
#  Attention! All these adjustments are set by default only for newly     #
# created nicks. In further each owner of Nick can change it by himself   #
# using adjustments!                                                      #
 chat_name - The Name of the chat, show in Title and many other places.
 font      - font size by default.
 fcolor    - font color by default.
 imcolor   - local mark of one's own messages using this colour
 fmcolor   - local mark of public messages within your nick appears.           
 bcolor    - background color by default.
 ytime     - show or not the time.
 nrow      - (don't mention it)
 ra        - (don't mention it)
 pass      - has the nick password or not?
 ncolor    - nick color
 but       - refresh of nicklist. (auto by default)
 pwgen_h   - pass for key generation 
 base_uri  - URI (adress without "http://")
 vlink     - (yes/no) Allow or not highlight of links in chat.
 len       - limitation of message length.
             Accepts values "0", " ", or actually length of the message
             in symbols. If "0" or "nothing", the length
             Is not limited. (By default is not limited).
 system    - The name of the robot, html can be used.
 casemsg   - Terminator of the large letters in a message.
             If a message has more large letters than small, then all large ones
             will be convert to small.
             Meanings of  variable quantities:
              Clear - the filter is on;
              Number's meaning (e.g. 30), determines a number of letters in a message
               (the filter is on). If the meaning is not numerical,
               then it is set by default = 25.
               For example, if you mark 10, and if the lenght of a message < 10,
               then the filter remains off.
last_enter - Shows after what period of time (seconds) a person can
             reenter from the same IP. 
             Can be a number, can be clear.
             In case, if it's a zero, or just "clear", the filter is off.
             For example, if 30 is marked it means, that a visitor
             can reenter after his previous visit 30 seconds later.
MaxName    - Nick's lenght limitation. Has a numerical meaning.
             If it's not set then = 15.)
SmilesVq   - Number of images per one page.
             If it's not set then = 10.
             Can't be more than 20. If more than 20, then also = 10.
pub_proxy  - Includes an amount of requests going through anonymous public
             proxy-servers. Takes a meaning "blok" for
             block, "vip" for not to block users with "Don't block according to IP" status
             or just clear.
LastSay    - Gives "A limit of non sending messages":
             X:Y:Z, for example 40:5:5.
             Here, X - How many minutes  a user can keep a silence (not to send messages)
                       before the first warning;
                  Y - After what period of time (minutes) shows the second warning (after the first warning) 
                  Z - After what period of time, after the second warning, stops a sending of messages at all;  
             If LastSay in config.all is not set, then limits
             give by default: 40:5:5.
club       - Turns the chat to club mode. Only registered users can
             enter the chat. Only persons, who has a certain status, given by Administrator,
             can register nicks. 
             The meaning of a variable: "yes".
             To cancel this mode needs to delete a variable, or give
             a meaning to it ""- clear (not "Space"!)
akm        - Switches on AutoKill mode. (Automatic block of users,
             that use uncensored speech constantly, after a number of warnings,
             given to them).
             Example. In config.all:
             akm       3:900
             Here 3, it's a number of warnings.
             And 900, block time.
             If meaning of akm isn't set, then by default,
             number of warnings = 3, and time of block - 900 seconds.
             (if config.all hasn't akm meaning, then the module is off!)
hunter     - Switches on "hunter" module.
             The aim of the module: to hunt repeated messages and
             enters/exits (flood).
             To switch on, mark "yes".

hunter_limit - Gives a degree of similarity of last message with the present one,
               gives in %, if not set, then
               uses the meaning - 100%. Also can be numbers, without
               % sign.

me         - Switches on command processing /me
             public - Command is available for everyone.
             status - Command is available for nicks, that have
                      "ME" status.
chimg      - Includes text-graphical changes processing
             public - Changes are available for everyone.
             status - Changes are available only for nicks, that have
                      "IMG" status.

nodual_rn  - To ban or not to ban enters to the nick that already exists in the chat.
             Meanings: yes - to ban.
                       any other means that it can.

badref     - Switches on checking of referer, entering the chat, with change
             of adjustments by enter and exit. Possible meanings:
             "" (clear) or "0" - checking is off;
             "1" - Ban of requests with referer, differs from base_uri;
             "2" - Ban of requests with clear referers;

lamers     - Blocklist
log_ip.htm - Log of enters - its contents shows history "HERE" 
mat        - Contains uncensored words, better to say, the words that are filtered
             by the server. (Scheme of work: "Found word from this file,
             means uncesored word."
robot      - Robot's answers 
image.cfg  - File for entering words for images.
             Images should be placed in /htdocs/img
.apasswd   - File with Savers' passwords.
.spass     - File with Administrator's passwords (SUPER).

/src catalogue.

a_ok.txt       - All that send out enter.cgi thats to say all you see now - 
                 4 frames even 5, but 5-th is invisible :)
addUser.txt    - User's registration form
adm_enter.txt  - Form with Administrator's password request
adm_first.txt  - Administrator's control pannel
adm_saver.txt  - Form for "Saver's" section Administrator's CP (block of users,
                 change of status).
adm_super.txt  - Form for SUPER's section
adm_watch.txt  - Form for Watcher's section
adm_offman.txt - Form for Offman's section
adm_ac.txt     - Form for section of status "AC". (Personal forms removal).
offman_ok.txt  - Message to OffMan about completed addition of a nick to the list, for registration cancel.
config.txt     - Right bottom frame = adjustments
ems.txt        - Field of typing messages
exit.txt       - That, is generated after exit from the chat.
nformat.txt    - Line from the table in the visitors list (lock, tick, user, ignore)
nlist.txt      - Standart for the list of visitors
unignor.txt    - Line for showing ignored nicks in the visitors list
tail.txt       - Window for text sending in the chat
nickformat.txt - Format of nick sending in a message sending window
timeformat.txt - Format of time show
top0..3.txt    - Files with banners. (In case if banners are not showing,
                 recommended to clear files, but all this files must anyway)
hello.txt      - Message of a robot about user's enter
bye.txt        - Message of a robot about user's exit
nickbusy.txt   - Message about busy nick
err_name.txt   - Message about error, appears in case of using forbidden signs in a nick
err_nklen.txt  - Message about error, appears if lenght of a nick is over 15 symbols
ipbloked.txt   - This message appears if IP address of a user is blocked
adm_blok.txt   - Format of a message about block.
mat_name.txt   - This message appears if a nick consist of uncensored words or abuse
mat_msg.txt    - This message appears if a sentence, said by a user, has uncensored words
enterlogin.txt - Suggestion to enter password to login
misname.txt    - Message reminds to a visitor to enter his nick
tpm_msg.txt    - Form of format of message sending of the owner of the message to somebody
                 else in private with time's show
tpo_msg.txt    - Form of format of message sending from a user to the owner of the window
                 in private with time's show
tao_msg.txt    - Form of format of message sending from any user to all other users
                 with time's show
tam_msg.txt    - Form of format of message sending from the owner of the window
                 to all with time's show
am_msg.txt     - Form of format of message sending from the owner of the window to all
ao_msg.txt     - Form of format of message sending from a user to all other
pm_msg.txt     - Form of format of message sending from a user to the window's owner
                 in private
po_msg.txt     - Form of format of message sending from the window's owner
                 to any user in private
len_sub.txt    - Message of the system about exceed of the lenght's limit of a message
len_word.txt   - Message of the system about exceed of the lenght's limit of a word
ui_bn1.txt     - Code of a banner 468x60 in block User Info
ui_bn2.txt     - Code of a first banner 100x100 in block User Info
ui_bn3.txt     - Code of a second banner 100x100 in block User Info
ui_bp.txt      - Message about wrong key
ui_br.txt      - Message about unregistered nick
ui_bu.txt      - Message about nick's first enter
ui_cs.txt      - Message about successful save of information in a personal form
ui_csaf.txt    - Message about successful installation of a photo that will be shown first
                 in a personal form
ui_cv.txt      - Form for filling in a personal form
ui_if.txt      - Form for all the files /index.forms (except index.html)
ui_pd.txt      - Message about successful removal of a photo
ui_pis.txt     - Message about successful change of a photo's title
ui_pv.txt      - Form for work with photos (add,
                 remove, change of a photo's title, ...)
ui_pvt.txt     - This form generates a list of photos
                 in a form ui_pv
ui_up.txt      - Message about successful addition of a new photo
ui_upif.txt    - Error: "Forbidden type of a file"
ui_upii.txt    - Error: "Photos identifier's not found"
ui_upis.txt    - Error: "Forbidden size of a file"
ui_v.txt       - Info about nick + photo and link to the next one
ui_vnr.txt     - Error: "Unfortunately, the nick hasn't any information"
nf_guie.txt    - Form for the link (?) to User Info from the list
                 of visitors for Internet Explorer
nf_guin.txt    - Form for the link (?) to User Info from the list of
                 visitors for Netscape Navigator and other browsers
ui_iffnf.txt   - Error in Index.Forms: "Requested file's not found"
ui_ifiqs.txt   - Error in Index.Forms: "Name of the file has
                 forbidden signs"
case_msg.txt   - Message of the system about presence in a user's message more large letters
                 than small
sm_index.txt   - Form for element of index in the list of images
sm_indexc.txt  - Form for element of index in the list of images
                 (in case if number of a page is equal to reqested)
sm_tab.txt     - Form for a table's line
sm_body.txt    - Form for all the pages /smilelist/
pxbloked.txt   - Message to a visitor about his attempt to send a request
                 using forbidden proxy is blocked
lsay_alert_1.txt - First warning about exceed of "Limit of silence"
lsay_alert_2.txt - Second warning about exceed of "Limit of silence"
lsay_alert_3.txt - Third warning about exceed of "Limit of silence" and
                   ban of sending messages
sts_c.txt      - Form for filling in a cell of a table
                 in the window with status change
sts_v.txt      - Form for the window with status change
sts_ch.txt     - Message about successful change of status
type_close.txt - Form of a message that gives to unregistered visitors
                 (gives only in a club mode)
for_regr.txt   - Form for registration of nicks. Gives in Administrator's Control Pannel
                 only to visitors that have "REgistrator" status
ls_us.txt      - Shows the status' list, for choice of nicks' list,
                 that have a status
ls_us_t.txt    - Line for every status
ls_us_u.txt    - Form for nick's list, that have status
ls_vsl_pa.txt  - Line of a table with a nick for Administrator
ls_vsl_pna.txt - Line of a table with a nick for others
o_sts_ch.txt   - Message for Administrator about successful cancellation of status
fmc_msg.txt    - Form for marking messages where the window's owner
reg_info.txt   - Form for a card with information about registered
                 visitor. Gives to Watcher
bad_pass.txt   - Message about wrong password
unreg_wait.txt - Form for showing the list of nicks, that are waiting for
                 cancellation of registration
unreg_w_no.txt - Line of table in the file unreg_wait.txt (mark: <--MSG-->),
                 informs that there are no nicks waiting for registration cancel
unreg_w_t.txt  - Line of table in the file unreg_wait.txt (mark: <--MSG-->)
                 with the nick that's waiting for registration
con_adm.txt     - Form for the blocklist of SUPER
                  (with the field of block cancellation)
con_adm_row.txt - Line of a table importing to con_adm.txt
con_sav.txt     - Form for the blocklist of Saver
con_sav_row.txt - Line of a table importing to con_sav.txt
birth.txt       - Form for showing birthdays' list of nicks to certain date
birth_no.txt    - Form of a message "There are no birthdays today"
birth_tr.txt    - Line of table of the nick's list
me.txt          - Form for result show of work of /me command
bad_word.txt    - Form for warning in the top frame about presence in the sentence
                  of forbidden word and the nick can be blocked
                  (Works when AKM is on)
bad_word_ra.txt - Message of warning about block
bad_word_rb.txt - Message about block to given in AKM time
igl_indx.txt    - Form of page for showing list of ignored nicks
igl_tr.txt      - Line of a table of ignored nicks with nick
igl_ntr.txt     - Line of a table of ignored nicks with a message about clear list
ui_pac.txt      - Link "Add/Change" in case if personal form of a visitor isn't filled in
ui_pno.txt      - Message: There are no photos (in UserInfo).
who_index.txt   - Form for the page with the nick list
who_line.txt    - Form for a table's line who_index.txt
who_go.txt      - Form for URL in which a number of visitors in the chat is send
adm_bua.txt     - "BUA" section. (The status allows to block according to Http User Agent
                 [according to browser])
bua_indx.txt    - Form of a page with the list of blocked User Agents (browsers)
bua_row.txt     - Form of a row in a table of blocked User Agents (browsers)

Files for a club mode in /src:

clb_err_again.txt    - Error message: "The field's not filled<repeat the password>"
clb_err_anick.txt    - Error message: "The nick's already registered"
clb_err_comment.txt  - Error message: "The field's not filled <Comment>"
clb_err_email.txt    - Error message: "The field's not filled <E-Mail>"
clb_err_fullname.txt - Error message: "The field's not filled <Full name>"
clb_err_iemail.txt   - Error message: "Incorrect e-mail"
clb_err_inick.txt    - Error message: "Thr nick has forbidden signs"
clb_err_ipass.txt    - Error message: "The password don't coinside"
clb_err_lnick.txt    - Error message: "The nick's lenght is over limit"
clb_err_nick.txt     - Error message: "The field's not filled <Nick>"
clb_err_noclub.txt   - Error message: "This chat works in a club mode"
clb_err_pass.txt     - Error message: "The field's not filled <Password>"
clb_err_rnick.txt    - Error message: "The same nick is waiting for registration"
clb_err_s_nid.txt    - Error message: "ID not found!" (Identifier
                       of the session doesn't exist)
clb_err_s_nn.txt     - Error message: "The nick conforms to yours ID, doesn't exist in the base"
clb_err_s_wid.txt    - Error message: "ID contains incorrect symbols"
clb_form.txt         - Form for registration of a nick in a club mode (/club/form.html)
clb_frm_rsp.txt      - Message for registration form
clb_index.txt        - Root form for all the messages, in a club mode
                       Here <!--RSP--> substitutes to a message,
                       and <!--FORMA--> to a filling form
clb_reg_ok.txt       - Confirmation for "Registrator" about successful registration of a nick
clb_reg_rf.txt       - Confirmation for "Registrator" about nick's registration refusal
clb_reg_rv.txt       - Form of watching of new personal forms for "Registrator"
clb_reg_s_nok.txt    - Message for a nick about its refusal to register
clb_reg_s_ok.txt     - Message for a nick about its successful registration
clb_reg_s_w.txt	     - Message: The nick hasn't checked yet
clb_snt_ok.txt       - Confirmation for a nick: The order for registration is accepted,
                       and giving URL where its possible to see the result of registration

Files for NetMail in /src

msgr_adc_fromnl.txt - Form for a page, given after addition of a nick to the contact list
                      from the list of nicks in the chat (small page).
msgr_adc_inlist.txt - Error message: "Added nick is already exist in your contact
msgr_adc_noreg.txt  - Error message: Added nick is not registered
msgr_adc_ok.txt     - Message: The nick is successfully added to your contact list
msgr_dlc_nonick.txt - Error message: When you remove a nick from your contact list:
                      The nick isn't found in the contact list
msgr_dlc_ok.txt     - Message about successful removal of a nick from your contact list
msgr_hello.txt      - Upkeep of the first page in msgr.
msgr_indx.txt       - Form of all pages of NetMail
msgr_inl_tab.txt    - Form of a table of inbox messages
msgr_inl_tr.txt     - Form of a row of a table of inbox messages
msgr_nform.txt      - Form of creating of a message
msgr_nform_s0.txt   - Form of a row in the nick's selector "To" for a new messages form
msgr_nform_t0.txt   - Form of a row with the filled field "To" (the field can be
                      filled, e.g. reentering using a link from the contact list)
                      for a new messages form
msgr_nform_to.txt   - Form for OPTION (of the nick's list), for a new messages form
msgr_otl_tab.txt    - Form of a table of sent messages
msgr_otl_tr.txt     - Form of a row of a table of sent messages
msgr_stl_tab.txt    - Form of a table of sent messages
msgr_stl_tr.txt     - Form of a row of a table of sent messages
msgr_vic_tab.txt    - Form of table of contact list
msgr_vic_tr.txt     - Form of a row of a table of contact list
msgr_vmsg.txt       - Form with a text of received message
nf_gme.txt          - Upkeep of a link in NetMail in the nick's list for MSIE
nf_gmn.txt          - Upkeep of a link in Netmail in the nick's list for Netscape
relinks.txt         - Form of a pannel of fast links (include Netmail) 
ui_msgr.txt         - Link to NetMail in the nick's list/

Within every form there are marks that can be substituted 
Do you know what face does the mark in html has?

Like this <!--METKA-->
Marks substitute to variables generated be the server.
Marks are and work only those that exist in files.

Requests to scripts shouldn't be broken.

But you can use any design you like.

2)Abilities of adjustments in the chat

a) Colour adjustments:
    Colour of a nick,- gives by a user individually and nick will be coloured.
                by chosen colour. This colour will see every visitor.
    Background colour,- Individual choice. Only owner's background has it colour.
    Client's colour of messages,- Individual choice. Only owner's messages have it colour.
b) Font's size. Individual choice. Only visitor's font has it size.

c) Time's show. Individually.


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Any criticism of system is welcomed: .
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