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We present to your attention the communicator for pleasant intercourse, "Chat". I would like to tell you some about advantages and disadvantages of this mechanism (engine). But, at first about chats itself.

They have appeared long time before appearance of the Internet, the basic purpose was dialogue between the people, however, they had not enough availability and presentation. It looked as show in cheap trillers- simple terminal window and breakdown of the screen on 2 parts. In one the messages, in another were typed that you have written and the answer.

But with appearance of the Internet become possible to collect in chat the large number of people. And ability became more.

First HTML-chats were based on "refresh", that mean periodic renewal of the screen, that caused the unnecessary image flicker on the screen and annoy the people.

The following step was use Java Script(JS), for acceleration process of a data output. The point is that image flicker causes time of loading from the server. Using JS, has appeared possible at first to receive the document, having loaded it from the server wholly, and after that locally regenerate the window of data output. However it remained "refresh".

At use of this kind of mechanism the client receives each time the same information anew That negatively effects on speed.

In offered to you engine, these 2 tasks are successfully solved. the window of messages output does not updated. It's not necessary! It works continuously, between the client and server is formed indissoluble channel which is transferred only new information!

As result you have chat, in which nothing flashes, and wich allows quickly to communicate.

The first versions of this communicator were bulky enough and rather difficult In adjustment. Was necessary to change enough plenty of a code, to receive in a result chat with the unique interface and design.

Also it caused difficulties with support on various servers.

In presented version exist opportunity completely to adjust design for your chat. You may completely control the modern mechanism, allowing the people to spend out the time in the company, you may also to switch your chat to the closed club, In which it is possible to unite only close on spirit people.

One of most serious problem for chats is defencelessness users from abuse from the direction of people with unstable mentality. (insulting, bad language, swearing)

This problem is decided with 3 ways:
1-st, there is automatic kill of all messages on a subject swearing.
2, moderatoring by most active users of a chat.
3-rd - the organization of "CLUB", in which is possible to invite only good familiar people.

Yes, there is many ways to communicate in the Internet, and the most known of them - ICQ. But as a matter of fact this program is a pager, nothing more.

Frequently intercourse on ICQ from work is impossible, since any solid company protects the local network from external action by all kind of fierwalls or proxy. That essentially influences work of this pager, because it uses UDP the protocol and non-standard ports. Therefore high-grade Dialogue on ICQ with this conditions will fail.

Why such problem is not present at chat working through a Browser? Simply because it works through the standard protocol and with standard port, which always is obviously authorized on fierwalls.

Thats why intercourse with the good friends easier and it is more pleasant to organize through this chat.

One more doubtless plus of this engine is a wide abilitys in adjustments of chat for yourself. The colour adjustments, size of font are adjusted by the user and are remembered on the server. In next time returned user will meet convenient to him, friendly chat.

Pleasant feature is the opportunity to use not only text, but different pictures during conversation. It will allow communicating more brightly to express their meaning.

For the owners of large servers it is important to have the Name for a site. The mechanism of accommodation of your chat on www.chatzme.com assumes associating it to the personal domain. Yours chat will have an own Name! (The address, like: www.yourname.com)

If you do not have own domain, the following name will be offered to you: yourname.chatzme.com.

In general, we can not to enumerate all of the conveniences, facilities, improvements, moreover their number Is constantly increased. Chat is constantly in development. You will be always have the freshest version!

Thank to you that you have read this page up to the end.

Creator of Chat#Me, Oleg.




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